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Zum Podcast with George Chen
music and discussions
Category: Music
Location: CA
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by George Chen
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April 02, 2015 11:26 AM PDT

Zum Podcast Episode 23 - Jamie Stewart


Jamie Stewart is nearly indistinguishable from his 15+ year moniker performing as Xiu Xiu. Though he pals around with Prurient and Merzbow, he's finding new paths to blaze, taking on a Twin Peaks tribute and just trying to make it as a touring musician in the post-physical age. Avid traveller with an undeniable work ethic making challenging music for the mass-less. We talk whilst sitting in a car in LA's Koreatown on a sweltering afternoon.

*Congratulations to mutual friend David Horvitz and Zanna Gilbert on the birth of their daughter Ela Melanie in the back of an Uber.

*Oakland fire benefits: May 9th at 924 Gilman, AK Press gofundme, Shipwreck Studiocrowdrise fundraiser for displaced residents.


HIGH CASTLE - After God - Spirit of the West (Zum) (intro music) 

XIU XIU - Quagga (Kingfisher Bluez)

7 YEAR RABBIT CYCLE - Meditation - Wind Machines (Free Porcupine Society)

October 15, 2013 01:34 PM PDT

Zum Podcast Episode 22 - Calvin Johnson


Despite some technical glitches, I managed to preserve most of my conversation with Calvin Johnson. If you're not familiar with K Records and Beat Happening (which comprise the last chapter of Our Band Could Be Your Life), he's also been in the bands Dub Narcotic Sound System, Go Team, Hive Dwellers, and solo performance. We're driving across the new Bay Bridge and talk about comedy in Olympia and the Bay, major injuries, theater, the early days of punk, and of course K Records (including the Neo Boys reissue). Special thanks to Jaime and Thorsten for bringing Calvin to town and helping me close out the show. (My shows in Austin and Mendocino are listed here)


HIGH CASTLE - After God - Spirit of the West (Zum) (intro music) 

HALO BENDERS - Don't Touch My Bikini - God Don't Make No Junk (K) 

BEAT HAPPENING - Our Secret - Beat Happening (K) 

HIVE DWELLERS - Get In - Get In EP  (K) 

August 02, 2013 12:08 PM PDT

Zum Podcast Episode 21 - Ron Lynch


Comedian Ron Lynch has a lengthy career appearing in unexpected places, from voice work on shows like Dr. Katz, Home Movies, Bob's Burgers, and Adventure Time, to film, commercials, and TV (Sarah Silverman Program, even the Golden Globes). He's also the voice of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, which brought him back to town. We talk about his time in the comedy scenes of Boston and San Francisco, making short films with Louis C.K., Courtney Cox's breast milk, and lots of other funnery. Ron's weekly show, Tommorow! at the Steve Allen Theater is celebrating its 8th aniversary August 10th and 17th, so check that out and enjoy this talk with a comedy legend.


HIGH CASTLE - After God - Spirit of the West (Zum) (intro music) 

UGLY REVENGE - dialogue from the short film by Louis C.K.

RON LYNCH - Ron Lynch - HOLY FUCK. Live Comedy. (Rooftop Comedy)

MOSES CAMPBELL - Drop D (Official video version) - Expectations (Big Joy) 

July 16, 2013 07:51 AM PDT

Zum Podcast Episode 20 - Carla Bozulich/Evangelista


First time trying a multi-microphone interview with a multi-headed beast, this round it's Carla Bozulich and her Evangelista bandmates Tara Barnes and Dominic Cramp. I'm joined in the interview by Mike Keegan. Carla's music projects have included Ethyl Meatplow, Geraldine Fibbers, Scarnella, and most recently Evangelista who have put out three epic albums on Constellation Records. They take a break from their busy schedules to chat with me at the Huffin House in Oakland. They've got two gigs in the Bay, their last US shows for the foreseeable future, July 19th at the Nightlight and August 17th at the Hemlock. A bit hectic and goofy, given how dark and mysterious the music gets, with a special surprise drop-in phone guest.


HIGH CASTLE - After God - Spirit of the West (Zum) (intro music) 

GERALDINE FIBBERS - You Doo Right - Butch 

BORFUL TANG - Sanctuary 

BUSINESS LADY - Rock Candy Mountain - Torture Footage (Load) 

May 01, 2013 08:29 AM PDT

Zum Podcast Episode 19 - Allison Wolfe


Allison Wolfe is a legend in the punk scene and best known as the singer of Bratmobile, one of the original Riot grrrl acts. Creating the Girl Germs zine and spearheading Ladyfest, Wolfe throws out a larger than life persona as an activist and musician. The influence of that '90s moment even lead to an eye-opening trip to Georgia. We hung out in Los Angeles but talk about the punk scenes of her hometowns (Olympia and DC), print journalism's downfall, Thailand, and day jobs (which include writing for the famous manga Nana and teaching English). Check out her bands Partyline, Cool Moms, Cold Cold Hearts, and Deep Lust.


HIGH CASTLE - After God - Spirit of the West (Zum) (intro music) 

BRATMOBILE - Die - The Real Janelle EP (Kill Rock Stars)

December 26, 2012 10:49 AM PST

Zum Podcast Episode 18 - Anthony Bedard


Anthony Bedard is at an overlap in the Venn diagram of music and comedy. As a musician he was in the notorious and recently reunited Icky Boyfriends as well as the Resineators, Hank IV, Little Queenie, and Leather Uppers. He's also the music booker at the Hemlock Tavern for about a decade and in addition to inaugurating the comedy series Club Chuckles, he started a comedy record label called Talent Moat which has released recordings by Bucky Sinister, Brent Weinbach, and Nick Flanagan. We also talked about the early '90s Boston and SF music scenes and the hilarious twitter he runs called Folder Rock, rife with overhyped self-promotion from bands seeking to get booked at the club.


HIGH CASTLE - After God - Spirit of the West (Zum) (intro music) 

ICKY BOYFRIENDS - Katerophenia - A Love Obscene (Menlo Park)

BRENT WEINBACH - Women - The Night Shift (Talent Moat)

October 04, 2012 06:18 AM PDT

Zum Podcast Episode 17 - Eric Cash


Comedian Eric Cash had a pretty eclectic past as a street performer, circus ringleader, and punk singer before arriving at his current craft. We talk about his life bouncing around the US with a crew of tattooed, vomiting, and drugged out clowns, berating SF tourists, shooting apples off people's heads Burroughs-style, painting on boobs in New Orleans, and how punk and comedy come to cross purposes. This past year his personal life has been in tragic upheaval. If you can imagine going through the darkest time of your life and getting on the mic in the midst of it, you have some inkling of the intensity and dedication he channels. He's working on his first album (recording it at Stagewerx in SF on these dates) while also starring as a super villain in a Batgirl fan web series, appearing at San Francisco's first Comedy and Burrito Festival October 11-13th, and burning up the twittersphere. (You know it's a good show when the stuff I left on the cutting room floor includes stories about sneaking into gigs as Eyehategod's roadie.)


HIGH CASTLE - After God - Spirit of the West (Zum) (intro music) 

1984 - IV

ERIC CASH - Street Show

August 26, 2012 05:28 PM PDT

Zum Podcast Episode 16 - Robert Horton


Robert Horton and Neil Campbell just completed the album Trojandropper, so I delivered copies to his house and crashed dinner. We talked about the lengthy process for Trojandropper and his history in the Bay Area punk and poetry scenes as a member of Appliances, ISM, Plateau Ensemble, and collaborations with players in many genres over the past three decades. Topics include "The Boot," Diane di Prima, partying with Ginsberg at Naropa, The Deaf Club, being the harbingers of West Coast rap, the dangers of chemistry, racism, and much more. A hidden fount of wisdom nestled in the El Cerrito hills, this is a fun one. Dig in! 


NEIL CAMPBELL AND ROBERT HORTON - Child's Tongue Flicks - Trojandropper (Zum) 
APPLIANCES - Cease To Exist
PLATEAU - Hong Kong Cha Cha Cha (cover of Riz Ortalani) (live recording '85 or '86 at 535 Page St) 
ROBERT HORTON - The House Is Playing Music (w/ Hal Hughes on fiddle)
APPLIANCES - Riot Squad live at Mabuhay (Jello Biafra's Mayoral Ball) intro by Judy from Pink Section

July 12, 2012 07:34 PM PDT

Zum Podcast Episode 15 John Benson


"John Benson vs. The People of California"

Some technical glitches in my chat with John Trevor Benson, but that seems appropriate given our topics of discussion - the legacy of Free Radio Berkeley, Barrington co-op, pre-internet touring, having a Harley dad, being sober, fixing wheelchairs, and converting a former police bus into a venue. Benson was in the bands A Minor Forest, Tic War, Creepy Crawly Claw, Hale Zukas, and Evil Wikkid Warrior, a band with his daughter Quinn. He also has a solo tape coming out soon on Turned Word.

Check out a video by Ryan Junell about the original bus, a story on the recent bus woes (not mentioned in the press anywhere - $5k plus in fines), and if you have ever enjoyed the weirdo performances enabled by John, donate directly to his paypal account - followthatparade AT yahoo DOT com.
THE INTIMA - Tundra'd - No Lullaby For Sleep (Zum) intro theme music
A MINOR FOREST - So Jesus Was At The Last Supper... - Flemish Altruism (Thrill Jockey) 
EVIL WIKKID WARRIOR - Evil Wikkid Warrior (self-released CDR) 
A MINOR FOREST - Speed For Gavin - Flemish Altruism (Thrill Jockey) 
 - Beating Dream (self-released CDR)

June 21, 2012 06:40 AM PDT

Zum Podcast Episode 14 - Mark Gergis


How does one go from hanging out in the weirdo Oakland rock scene of the early '90s to arranging/producing collaborations between Omar Souleyman and Bjork? That's just part of the story of Mark Gergis, who works with Sublime Frequencies and recently started his own Sham Palace label. Sham Palace just released a collection of New Wave Dabke. If you don't know what that is, don't worry-all the more reason to listen. We also talk about his bands Mono Pause, Neung Phak, White Ring, the solo project Porest, and much more. Topics include the Heavenly Ten Stems, growing up Iraqi-American in the suburbs, and searching out music around the globe.


NEUNG PHAK - Khmer 28 - 2 (Abduction Records 047 – 2012) (intro/bed music) 
NEUNG PHAK - Kawp Koon Kawp Koon - 2  (Abduction Records 047 – 2012)
MONO PAUSE - Brief Lallation - (Knormalities V.1 7" compilation – 1997)
THE WHITE RING - Excerpt from the film Homeland Security; It's In Your Hands (Electro-Motive Records – 2002)
NEUNG PHAK - Poor - 2 (Abduction Records 047 – 2012)
THE TWELVE STEPPES - Michigan History - Deep North (Porestsound 01 – 1995)
POREST - Continental Revolt - Tourrorists (Abduction Records 034 – 2006)
DARKIE - Look at the Owl (Ye Hue Dam) - Cambodian Cassette Archives (Sublime Frequencies 011 – 2005)
AHMAD AL KOSEM - Love is Not a Joke - Dabke – Sounds of the Syrian Houran (Sham Palace 02 – 2012)
OMAR SOULEYMAN & BJORK - Tesla - The Crystalline Series EP (One Little Indian/Nonesuch – 2011)
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